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On TravTribe, you can book organized life-changing trips & curated retreats that enable transformations for the traveler. These experiences are designed to offer intentional activities, ceremonies, rituals, and connections with like-minded travelers & locals.

These trips are organized by our partners & marketed through a tribe of world traveling affiliates. Our goal for 2019 is to transform 1,000 lives thru travel.

We are a tribe of travelers that were transformed by travel. Each of us is passionate to enable our friends to experience life-changing trips around the world. As Travel Tribe members, we play different roles of affiliates, ambassadors, connectors, gatherers and mentors to collectively empower transformational travel creators & our tribe of location independent nomads.

Desired Partnerships

Contact us to co-transform 1,000 lives in the upcoming year

We are set to transform 1,000 lives thru travel this year. If this mission calls to you, then we’d love to hear from you and collaborate. Particularly travelers, trip organizers, retreat hosts and housing providers for nomad. Read more…

Transformative Travel

The transformational experiences are long term trips and retreats that bring interesting people together to experience a retreat. From a two-week mushroom picking retreat in Guatemala to a 3-week cruising Barcelona to Brasil with 500 entrepreneurs, every retreat transforms the traveler by enabling self-actualization, intentional communities & local activity explorations. On every transformational retreat or trip, you can expect:

> Inspiring, hand-picked locations you’ll love exploring.

> High-quality, private living spaces.

> Solid wi-fi at home and even some trips include co-working spaces as well!

> The coolest experience leaders, workshop hosts or outdoor activities

> Transformational activities around one or multiple topics including but not limited to adventure, entrepreneurship, nature, wellness, community, local culture, etc.

> Meet like-minded travelers that are awesome entrepreneurs, adventurers or creatives

Speak to our expert team@travtribe.com

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  • Travelers today are increasingly drawn to travel as a form of self-actualization and personal transformation and growth. They want more than a simple visit to a new destination or days spent relaxing on a beach. Instead, the travel they’re seeking is an experience of the world that goes deep — one that changes them in ways they may not even be aware of. With personal growth now a central goal of many travel experiences, brands, companies, and destinations operating in the travel and tourism space can thrive by helping travelers enrich their inner lives as they explore outwardly.