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About us

Imercita is a platform for designing city-wide experiences. We create adventures that take place across Lisbon. You are at the center of the story. A story that guides you to meet locals and see the best of your destination. Part city tour, part game, you’ll see the streets become your playground. You choose your interests among art, food or history of Lisbon. Then it takes you on a journey across Lisbon focused on your interests. it is by turns a tourist experience, a treasure hunt and more so a descent into an exciting world where locals know you by first name. As the experience unfolds, you have no idea which passersby might turn out to be involved. The narrative unfolds across a substantial stretch of town, with the start and finish several miles apart. Sometimes you walk and sometimes a tuk tuk picks you up. It makes use of the city’s architecture, major tourist attractions, historic pubs, boutique hotels, cafes, art galleries and shops. At times, the modern-day locations stand in stark contrast to the imagined world of the narrative, which focuses on the experience of a local expert in your field of interest treating you into a feast of Lisbon.

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